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It’s the time of year when everyone is making wish lists and gift guides and I swear it’s catching. When I think about such things though, my mind immediately goes to fancy things I’d like to get for my cats. Which possibly means I’m a crazy person. In any case, I thought I’d share some of my favorite, sometimes extravagant, cat presents I’ve been fawning over.


2. This中世纪风格的猫家具looks nice enough to double as regular furniture.

我真的很划算cat teepeebut would probably make my own version.

4. This is thenicest looking cat tree ever。我不确定谁想出了这个想法,以便在最丑的地毯上覆盖猫树,但我们集体需要停止留下它。让我们从这里开始。

5. And perhaps something to show off your cat love like thiscrazy cat sweater

  1. kc 说:

    Oooh! I think we spend just as much time planning/buying Christmas presents for Bear as we do for each other. Totally normal right? He’s a spoiled little pup.

  2. Sarah 说:

    Woo! Yeah cat trees are hideous. :/

    Ready made cat stuff is so expensive though.

    便士只会获得她认为9的衣领。HA Plus我最近花了70英镑的玩具。Sooooooo昂贵。大声笑,她更多地赞赏盒子。

    • miss alix 说:

      Every time I buy something even remotely expensive for the cats they hate it. I wish things were cheaper. Cardboard always wins.

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